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PRESS RELEASE: "Congressional Hearing on the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) Will Not Include JanSan & MRO Industry Testimony" - June 10,2013
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PRESS RELEASE: "JanSan FSSI Inform Initiative Launched with Informational Website" - June 4, 2013

In an effort to inform the janitorial and maintenance supply industry about the initiative, Bornstein & Song Research has launched the JanSan FSSI Inform Initiative with the unveiling of a new informational website, www.JanSanFSSI.com

“It is our determination that most of the JanSan industry is not aware of the pending FSSI implementation and the tremendous impact it will have on hundreds of independent distributors,” explains Samuel Bornstein, professor of accounting and taxation and partner with Bornstein & Song in Oakhurst NJ. “Our FSSI Inform Initiative is an effort to raise the awareness of the risk for businesses to lose a substantial amount of their government business as the GSA implements the FSSI for JanSan and MRO product categories.”

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> Janitorial Subcontracting Network: "Do You Sell to the Federal Government or Subcontract From a Company Who Does? Changes are Coming to hte Cleaning Industry that will Leave a Couple Winners and Everyone Else Losers!" - April 23, 2013

> "Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative Will Adversely Impact Cleaning Industry" - April 23, 2013

> "Strategic Sourcing: Pennywise but pound foolish?" - June 11, 2012

> Full Testimony: Professor S. Bornstein - California Committee on Accountability & Admin Review: "Link Between the CA Strategic Sourcing Initiative, Small Business, Jobs, and the Mortgage Crisis", June 8, 2011

> ISSA Speaks Out Against FSSI - ISSA Press Release

> BSCAI: How the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) May Affect Your Business - May 14, 2013

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